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of all images are copyrighted to SHANNON VALDEZ and her business Valdez Graphic Design 1991 - 2014
to Shannon Hansen-Valdez "DISNEY ART"
To the LEFT SIDE...

Is the First Disney Character I have ever drawn.
In this picture I used water paint.

This was the picture that inspired my entire family
to keep me continuing to draw and my father placed
me into my first Art Class, in hopes I would continue
drawing and make something out of it.

Art Talent does run threw the family. My father is an
Amazing Painter!
I was 11 years old.
When I painted this
Picture of Mickey
Mouse. 1991
This mickey was inspired for my
nephew Kobi's Birthday.
Buzz and Woody Disney Inc. drawing to the left, was inspired
and created for my son Trey's celebration of his birth.
This picture inspired by Winnie the Pooh Inc. was inspired for a
friends celebration of her daughter's birth.
Most of the inspired drawings by Winnie the Pooh Disney Inc. was
created for the celebration of my son Trey's birth.
All my Art Drawings were carefully
shaded with many color pencils.
None of my drawings were photoshop.