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to Shannon Hansen-Valdez "FANTASY ART"
This Dragon I created was inspired by my 5yr old son at the time. Ever
since I've sold many prints of my Dragon on Children Apparel. You can
find it now at and more of my
My Dragon Mermaid Fairy Creation.
Inspired by Amy Brown
These three color pencil drawings I created, represents the Fairy Transformation that takes place. I had originally created the
first picture, to the far left, then sometime later wanted to create a 2nd version and then a third version to your far right.
All my Art Drawings were carefully
shaded with many color pencils.
None of my drawings were photoshop.
My Moon Fairies, is one of my favorite creations of all my fairy's. The idea is a deep
mid-night blue with a brightness of the moon in the back ground. While elves, firefly's,
and an unicorn is at the fairy's needs with a kiss on the hand. As if she was ruler of the
enchanted forest. I created two different color designs for print and black light purpose.
This design I created was for my sister,
who is a Hair Stylist.
These two Fairies I created, was for sticker design purpose's.
I wanted to create a fairy with many shades of pink.
My inspiration for these three Bright Colorful Fairy's were, the unique blend of colors. How they bring out the beauty of each other.
She was created for a Monet/ like photo I took.
I created an animation with the photo and my
fairy was swinging back in forth with in the picture.
My Daisy Fairy I created, was  for another
sister of mine.
This Fairy drawing I created was a challenge
I gave myself. To explore different colors
mixed all in one photo.
Inspired by Amy Brown
My Double Moon Fairy's I created, was inspired by my original Moon Fairy's I created. I
designed the pictures in two different colors for black light purpose's.
This drawing was one of my first time drawing a fairy creation.
This is one of my favorite fairy creation. I purposely designed it, to be over
crowded to all blend in together. I have not yet finished it. I still have to
shade in my daughter Tylar's name. It was dedicated to her and her birth.
I created these three Flower Fairies for sticker purpose's. I was having fun, using different shades of color.
I created these two Leaf Fairy's for sticker purposed. I wanted to design multi racial fairy's.
Inspired by Amy Brown
I created and these two Punk Rocker Fairy's for sticker purposes.
I Created and design these Butterfly Ribbon's into Logo's for my Domestic Violence Awareness.
You can buy many different kinds of awareness apparel and products with these prints
at my art shop at