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of all images are copyrighted to SHANNON VALDEZ and her business Valdez Graphic Design 1991 - 2014
to Shannon Hansen-Valdez "RANDOM DRAWINGS"
I created Tweety Bird, after my first Parakeet Bird named
Tweety Bird. He was hand tamed and the best bird my
kids had ever had and well missed.
This Beta I created was inspired by one of my
Beta Fish I had.
I created this bird, after Marty my Parakeet I had.
These three MARDI GRASS creation I designed,were inspired by both colors and mask painted on dolls in New Orleans. I have more
designs of this image, that are not shown here. The purpose of these creations are for stickers, apparel and more!
Inspired by Strawberry Short Cake Inc.
for my daugther's Devon Birth.
Inspired by Rainbow Bright Inc.
for my Daughter Tylar's first Birthday theme.
Inspired by a Baby icon character
for someone's baby shower.
I created this bird after my Parakeet bird I had
named Rainbow.
I created this bird after my Parakeet bird Sky i had. She was
very mean, as well as the caused to the death of Tweety Bird.
I created it after my Parakeet Bird Teal.
This DOT picture I created, was an assignment
from the Art Institute of Portland Oregon.
Inspired by Precious Moment Inc,
for someone's baby shower.
This DOT picture I created, was during my high
school class room time.
Inspired by a Children's book. For my son Mason's bedroom and crib theme. I still have
many more unfinished drawings for his bedroom. Unfortunately he is not a baby any more.
Inspired by Children's Book for Easter Card.
Inspired by Children's Book.
I created this design during my high school class.
These two pictures I created during my art class in high school for extra credit. The drawing on the left is both color
pencil and water paint mixed. The drawing on the right was inspired by actor Lamont Bentley.
I was inspired by the Crown Beta and Regional Beta fish I had, and I created these two Beta Fish after them.
I created this drawing for an AD in my son's Kindergarten room.
Inspired from a Final Fantasy character.
All my Art Drawings were carefully
shaded with many color pencils.
None of my drawings were photoshop.