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to Shannon Hansen-Valdez "SKETCH ART"
All my Art Drawings were carefully
shaded with many color pencils.
None of my drawings were photoshop.
This drawing was inspired by a Children's Book
and created for my Mother Debbie. Who loves my art.
This drawing I created in my High School
art class.
I had to create a action drawing for my Art
Class at the Portland Art Institute.
Inspired by The Simpson's Inc. I had later colored my drawings and sent them to a friend who was a fan of
the show as a gift.
Inspired by a children's Book. My three drawings of these animals were for my son Mason's bedroom and crib theme. Unfortunately, I never finished
my drawings and he is no longer a baby.
I created this Witch for sticker purpose and Oct.
I created the two ATV designs for my Husband Benito and I. I designed a shirt design with
my design. The drawing reflects actual pictures of both my husband and I riding the dunes.
I created this drawing, from the inspiration of my son Mason.
When he was a month old at that time.
This drawing I created was inspired by daughters.
I created these two drawings of hands, by holding my left hand up in the air and drawing my hand from different views.
All three of the drawing were from when I was in High School class room. The far left was inspired by a
singer named Left Eye from TLC. The middle drawing was inspired by rapper Tu Pac Shakur and the last
picture was a self drawing I had to do for my art class in high school.
Inspired by Space Jam movie by Loony Toones Inc.
I wanted to create a Black in White image.
This is a un-finshed creation drawing of mine.
Inspired by the movie called the Grinch that stole Christmas.
My drawing is unfinished.
I am creating a drawing that will be bright in colors that rest on the flower,
bee, and stars. With a midnight blue Sky. My drawing is unfinished.
I've always been a fan of Drama Faces. I created these
drama face for sticker purposes.
I created this drawing of 3D like shapes for my High School art class.